Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Week from Hell 2

This was just bad. My brother is almost like a son to me but he's still a brother. There are seven years that separate us but still I was like a little mommy to him all my life.

He's been nagging at my mom since the fall about going out to this school in Seattle. He just wanted to up and move there without knowing if he was even going to get into the school, where he was going to live. Nothing. I say this now because he never communicated any other information back to us other than he wanted to go. My mom went online and found out more information about the school. She told him I want you to apply to the school, I want to know that you have a place there and that I know what you are going to do there by yourself and not be starving on the streets alone without a way to come back home. She was even willing to pay his tuition, rent, utilities whatever. She was just thrilled to see that he showed some excitement over a college to go to. This seems reasonable to me. I never saw anything wrong with her demands. I mean if you really wanted to go somewhere or do something wouldn't you do everything you could so your parents could see it your way? Like apply and get accepted to the school, apply for a job etc. And as a parent wouldn't you want that piece of mind to know your child is safe and secure?

Ok I find that I can't type much more without wanting to cry. So to keep this short I'll just say that he booked tickets, hotel and a car for himself and his friend to Seattle back on 1/13. Didn't say anything to either my, or our parents till ONE HOUR before his flight, hid his suitcase in the backyard and left for Seattle yesterday afternoon. Supposedly he says he's coming back but I am so heart broke it isn't even funny.

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