Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Bathroom wars!!!

He did it to me again this morning. My grandfather is one of those people that is up with the sun so because it is now getting lighter earlier in the morning he gets up either a little bit before me or exactly when I do. (Ok lets face it I'm not a morning person and I need an alarm to wake me otherwise I'd be in bed asleep till 10-11AM. In my view there is nothing wrong with that but the moron who came up with the idea of when the day starts never consulted me about it.)

This morning he was shaving his face for what seemed like 30 minutes. And when I say he was shaving his face I should say he was shaving his head. This man runs the razor over his entire neck, even the back of his neck. Down the front of his face from his temples to the base of his throat, up and down, over and over. He even shaves BEHIND his ears. Now I know why he has absolutely no hair there at all. Before I just figured it was due to his baldness. But no it's because he shaves back there too.

We've all told him to wait till we all leave for work/school to get up. He's in his nineties. Where in the heck is he going to go that early in the morning? But for some reason it's a huge rush to be downstairs by 8 and in his arm chair because that's his nap time. He goes through all this stuff of getting himself ready and then helping my grandmother to get washed and dressed in the morning and his reward is to fall asleep in the arm chair in the living room by 8:30-9:00AM. Shit if all you were going to end up doing is fall asleep, just stay in bed!!


  1. Lol Val that's funny as shit. My grandparents passed when I was 19. Grandma first then Grandpa a yr later right after he got remarried in the nursing home. I remember them sleeping in sep beds very Luthern. It's all about routine with them oldies :)

  2. They sleep in separate beds too!