Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Week from hell

So far this week has been one for the record books and it's only Wednesday!

Although Monday was great (Because I was home), Tuesday we had the power go out for two hours in the morning. I am standing in the shower, naked with soap all over everything, in the dark. I can't say that everything was clean but it sure was interesting. Well with no electricity I could not dry my hair and I'm sorry but I am sooooo not walking outside of my house looking like a wet mop. Especially not in 20 degree weather either. In the summer I wouldn't have cared, but not in January right after an ice storm. And really I'm not going out of my way to get to work. If I had a different job, probably. But not for this place. Soooooo not worth it.

And my grandfather in his 92 year old wisdom (I use wisdom loosely) starts knocking on the bathroom door because he thinks I'm just sitting on the john. Helloooo... can you not hear the water running?! Well anyway I get out, get dressed in a fresh pair of PJs when I get out of my room, he makes a beeline for the bathroom. I'm sure he was in there doing a little victory dance or something. BTW it's almost like this every morning. Six people fighting over one bathroom in the morning. It's great. You should try it. Really.

I just want to know.. What is a 92 year old man, who can't see well enough to aim into the toilet bowl, going to do in the shower in pitch black darkness? Well I can tell you, the water was on for literally 3 minutes. I don't know about you but when I'm in the shower it takes about 3 minutes just to lather up.

When he got out of the shower my grandmother had him dig out a candle from her drawer. I don't know if you've ever been to a Greek Orthodox Church at Easter. We always take the candles home - first because you paid like 50 dollars for 4 candles and second because the light from the church brings good luck. Apparently after we are done bringing the light home usually you blow it out after eating on Easter Sunday, my grandmother pilfers the candles and keeps them in her room. Anyway so she has my grandfather dig this candle out and  they light it. So she's sitting there like the Queen (of Goat shit) she thinks she is and starts telling him what to wear for the day. I have to say she kinda has to do this because my grandfather wouldn't know up from left if someone didn't tell him. Well she's holding this candle while sitting in bed with the covers all over her and I'm watching her and I said to her are you crazy? First you are getting wax all over yourself, second what are you going to do if you drop the candle on the bed? Who is going to put out the fire? Where are you two going with no electricity? The house is starting to get cold and you two need to stay in bed where it's warm.

Just so you know, my grandfather, grandmother and father all think I don't have two braincells to rub together. But it's ok because we all know it's really in reverse. My two grandparents in the winter, completely cover themselves with the blanket. Head, toes everything. I'm more than positive that they have some carbon monoxide damage from breathing it in all the time. So when I pass along my advice they all look at me and laugh. But that's ok one day I'll have the last laugh because they'll be dead and I'll still be here. :)

Ok I know I'm sorry this sounds really awful  but you have no idea what it's like living with these people for the past 18 years. It's been a living nightmare. Most of the time I don't think of them as grandparents, they feel like my In-laws. This is why I'm terrified of having In-Laws when I get married. I totally get why everyone else believes in nursing homes.  I am a believer too!!!!


  1. Val is the house ok? I got a kick out of picturing that, hang in there! Better days will come.

  2. Yes thankfully the house is fine! I did forget to mention that. Sorry :)